2024 Mead Crafters Competition


Package your spirits to ensure they won’t break during transit. The National Honey Board is not responsible for broken shipments, however we will contact the meadery if broken bottles are received.

Mead shipped in special containers will not be returned, and any unused mead will not be sent back to the applicant after the competition.

Please consider the environment before shipping your entries. We encourage all meaderies to use recyclable packaging and materials when possible.

  • Shipping dates will be announced in 2024.
  • Shipping address will be announced in 2024.
  • All entrants must submit two 750ml bottles, or the equivalent of.
  • Shipments must include a copy of the registration email confirmation.
  • Each entrant is responsible for shipping costs.
  • Please note that your shipment must arrive before the final shipping date for the competition organizers to ensure they are judged. Late entries are subject to not being judged.
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